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An example of a loop that loops seamlessly when set to Repeat One

it’s just 2 bars of the song

( source)

since you're talking about music loops, i hope you don't mind if i ask a potentially complicated question- is there any 'trick' to putting together loops? i dicked around in wavosaur/goldwave ages ago and couldn't find a better process than a whole lot of trial and error for a result that still didn't sound great :C

i use audacity (which is sort of annoying to use) and grab an equal division of time as best as possible, and then grab as close to the beat after it as I can, so like if the beat is 1 2 3 4  you wanna grab it here:

1 2 3 4 HERE1

then only use that clip

by equal dvisions of time I mean like, 4 beats, 8 beats, 12, etc

you wanna grab an amount that doesn’t suddenly change the time signature of the song (which is usually 4:4) and use only that part basically

it should naturally loop into itself, PARTICULARLY well if the clip’s volume peaks very low right around when it’s about to loop. like, if the song ha a ‘wall of sound’ sort of sound to it compared to a song with a prononunced drumbeat, it might be tough.

it’s sort of by feel, and it’s easy to get lost and be like “this is impossible” but it works for me

just get used to zooming in/out and finding the spot right before a beat to grab it and it should get easy to work at a sample and turn it into a decent loop i guess?

Shift+clicking play in audacity lets you loop the sample gaplessly which is VERY HELPFUL

unity uses gapless playback for repeating samples  as far as i’m aware, (the repeat happens 0ms (or really close to it) after the one before) which means my .oggs that i export from audacity work fine in the game with no editing or trickery

a bit rambly but i tried to go into my process as much as I could

it’s a bit weird and i’m prolly not as efficient as i could be

Just to confirm, are your planned projects currently Boohbah Zone 3D, LOQTN and, possibly eventuallym Fantastic Game HD Remix? Also, will LOQTN feature strange music like Fantastic Game did? I know you don't just want to rely on memes but the music was part of the element of discovery in that game.

Boohbah Zone 3D is pretty heavily on the backburner. HD Remix is still something I want to do, but I neglected to buy that USB hard drive enclosure so I still have basically no way to get those up to date source files, I will try once I get them.

LOQTN, or whatever you want to call it, my next game, will involve everything I think is interesting from the original game, yes, including music loops, which are a big part, but progress is slow.

See, I had a game that I called LOQTN and that I was working on slowly but surely. It revolved around a huge complex of rooms, because I thought that was a striking concept. It ended up being a pain to work with and a sort of creativity leech rather than a good starting point, because the rooms began to feel very tedious and annoying to explore.

So I gave up on the ‘tons of rooms’ idea and now I’m sort of back to square one when it comes to ingame level design - and I AM procrastinating, I am not perfect and I’ve found a lot of difficulty in capturing the essence of the ‘fuck it’ brand of game design that I created the original with, because I’m afraid it won’t live up to the original.

Progress still continues, though. I haven’t given up. I just have a bad work ethic, and the fact that the design document of my game is basically “put shit everywhere” makes it difficult to just sit down and work on at times, like you might be able to with other games. I sort of need inspiration to create it.

What is the pendulum song in the game you replaced in the version of the game?

Pendulum - Slam

from Hold your Colour which I think is a good album and better than their most recent one

edit: wait i’m wrong, it’s Propane Nightmares!!

We're learning how to video game. Mind releasing the Fantastic Game's project file in Unity for us to experiment/mod it?

1. no!

2. you wouldn’t learn anything but bad habits. you can learn exactly as much as I did, and do it in an easier and more healthy/productive way by just making your own game. All I did from the start was use the create > cube button, drag textures and sounds in, and mess around copying and pasting code to try to get the results I want.

You’ll learn so much more by just trying to do these things yourself than you would by looking at my code/stuff, and anyway that stuff is sort of private in a weird way and I wouldn’t want to release it.

Is this on Steam yet? It should be on Steam.

is your avatar really a guy in a fedora and guy fawkes mask holding flaming aces

i really love weird abstract bullshit games so tyvm for making the fantastic game. i'm reminded a little of nipper's abstract maps for counterstrike source, so i was wondering if you'd ever seen them. (can't offer a link in asks unfortunately, but you can google 'nipper maps' and it should point you in the right direction!!)

heck yes i have!! big inspiration

i love yeayuhhh the most

Can I contribute to your game with 3D models and such?

yeah sure!! if you can find a way to get them to me i’ll accept them and see if i can fit them in somewhere, more weird content is always good