Check out this AWESOME fan-made trailer for the fantastic game!

just so everyone knows, i’m not dead! but i have a job now, so I am spending a lot of time at work and then when I get home I usually want to relax, so progress has been slow on anything unity-related.

there is always a nagging feeling in the back of my head that I want to keep working on my games, though, and the time WILL come when you see a new release from me. I have things broiling that I think will be really.


How did you get the player to teleport? And how did you get the player to teleport so well?

var pos1 = 0;
var pos2 = 0;
var pos3 = 0;

var rot1 = 0;
var rot2 = 0;
var rot3 = 0;

function OnTriggerEnter (other : Collider) {
//play audoclip if there is one
if (audio.clip.length >=0) {
// Wait for the audio to have finished
yield WaitForSeconds (audio.clip.length);
//teleport to designated position
other.transform.position = Vector3(pos1, pos2, pos3);
other.transform.eulerAngles = Vector3(rot1, rot2, rot3);

put in an object with its collision set as a trigger (generally invisible in the final product)

you can fill in the positions and rotations manually by moving your player character object to where you want the teleport to be, then copying and pasting the location/rotation of the player into the trigger and moving it back to the normal spot

the position/rotation variables will show up in the trigger’s info on the right side when you put the script in, so edit them there, not in the script itself, so you can have multiple with the same script

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On a scale from fantastic to ∞, how fantastic is your fantastic game?

I Feel Fantastic And I’ve Never Felt As Good As How I Do Right Now Except For Maybe When I Think Of How I Felt That Day When I Felt The Way That I Do Right Now / ∞

if you jam right on the arrow keys directly after the 5$ tunnel (and i'm talking DIRECTLY, even before the museum roof portal path) you get transported to this weird glitchy universe of endless darkness, endless solid and grassy shapes, superspeed, and mysterious black polygons. are you aware of this? if not, i highly recommend you try it out, it's hard to describe

i haven’t ever heard of this or done this but I’m publishing this because this sounds incredible and I want more people to hear about this so possibly someone else can confirm this is a real thing. I will try to see if I can do this  ASAP.

edit: OH. i know what’s happening here.

here you can see a cutaway view of the area you’re entering.

there’s a black part up against the grass. it makes it look like the room is very dark. you’re clipping into that black part and slightly out of the room, causing it to look like you’re in some sort of black endless empty plane. It’s just part of a model disappearing.

the song in's brightly colored tunnel is a dull version of K.K. Jazz from the Animal Crossing games, correct?

Yes, it is. It’s got reverb and white noise static on top of it, and is slowed down, and is the aircheck version of course. I think it sounds neat.

Hello, what do you exactly mean by "shamrock"? I know its a plant but still.

Don’t ask me, ask the guy who made the Fantabulous Game.

I just decompiled the scripts for your game. I have to say you have some very professional names. My personal favorite is "still the best trigger 1973"

The best part is that the scripts at the end of the game had incredibly unrelated names to their actual functions. Stuff like ‘teleport customizable 2’ actually turning off a sound or something like that, from what I remember.

But ‘still the best trigger 1973’ is a trigger that triggers an image that says ‘STILL THE BEST 1973’ so it’s pretty accurate. That one is one of the harder to find secrets.

Hey Fantasticaneer, Love the game, Can't Wait Till Fantastic Game 2.0, But i have a question, What is the music at the eggs on the table near the chairs, I know the psst page says LOW PITCH SINE WAVES but i googled that and all i got was a ear ache, So could you post the link or how you did it. Thanks

Oh, low pitch sine waves are at the.. the area with the giant chair and the portal back to the start. They’re barely audible. I don’t know why they’re even there.

The music played backwards at the brown table is this:

And is by Ken Ashcorp