The fantastic game 2.0 will unlock new experiences to allow customers to work, play, and connect.

Hello. I am good friend of DAN-PEN. it is good linefriend for me not even be thousand. OK DAN-PEN, it is needed that thousand.



Be more like friend. I am like friend. You too.

This game and Fantabuloso are clearly in a genre all their own. What do you call it?

some have called it ‘egglike’

i hear that term is a great shamrock, so maybe ‘lifelike’? because the games are so similar to life, in the way that in real life you like.

where i can get the song of the rainbow seizure cilinder? I love it

K.K. Jazz aircheck slowed down + white noise + reverb

ok so after i spawned in a couple seconds after i saw a black cube fly over, WHY AND HOW!?!?!?!?

china cube

I feel fantastic!

have you ever felt as good as how you do right now?

How to get on the roof of the museum? also fantastic game. i may make a game aswell.

go through the blue mouth, and then back up and go into it again after it teleports you to the museum

Check out this actually awesome trailer for the Fantastic Game.

easter egg things: I found a a white ? cube in the spot of the 1973 cube that spawns when you start the game but goes away when you get close. A weird song plays when you stay ontop of the largest cube cube in the main area. There's a weird picture underneath the area with the rotated rainbow cubes. And I found a moon near the art gallery in the second area.

That’s a pretty good run down of the easter eggs in the game. The China Cube and the Other Massive Easter Egg Nobody Will Ever Find are both random chance things, so don’t worry too much about finding them unless you love restarting the game over and over.

Someone asked me for a game thing. Here’s game thing

Someone asked me for a game thing. Here’s game thing