What is the pendulum song in the game you replaced in the 1.fun version of the game?

Pendulum - Slam

from Hold your Colour which I think is a good album and better than their most recent one

edit: wait i’m wrong, it’s Propane Nightmares!!

We're learning how to video game. Mind releasing the Fantastic Game's project file in Unity for us to experiment/mod it?

1. no!

2. you wouldn’t learn anything but bad habits. you can learn exactly as much as I did, and do it in an easier and more healthy/productive way by just making your own game. All I did from the start was use the create > cube button, drag textures and sounds in, and mess around copying and pasting code to try to get the results I want.

You’ll learn so much more by just trying to do these things yourself than you would by looking at my code/stuff, and anyway that stuff is sort of private in a weird way and I wouldn’t want to release it.

Is this on Steam yet? It should be on Steam.

is your avatar really a guy in a fedora and guy fawkes mask holding flaming aces

i really love weird abstract bullshit games so tyvm for making the fantastic game. i'm reminded a little of nipper's abstract maps for counterstrike source, so i was wondering if you'd ever seen them. (can't offer a link in asks unfortunately, but you can google 'nipper maps' and it should point you in the right direction!!)

heck yes i have!! big inspiration

i love yeayuhhh the most

Can I contribute to your game with 3D models and such?

yeah sure!! if you can find a way to get them to me i’ll accept them and see if i can fit them in somewhere, more weird content is always good

Thank you for making this fantastic game! May I ask, where is the "quite time" spot?

Just outside the black room that says psst going towards the frogmouth. Turn right.

Do you have anything to say to "Le Fantabulouso" and his pioneering crossings of the sausage and egg-like genre (creating the sausagegg-like genre)?

I think le fantabulouso would consider the words you have spoken to be a great shamrock. The defintion egglike is shamrock to him and his people and I do not wish to insult him, for he is far more motivated than me in a lot of ways. Can’t wait for the new version, glad to see it’s in progress again!

How much money would that USB thing you mentioned cost? I might be able to donate the money you'd need.

It looks like it’s actually cheaper than I expected! I’m getting some money in soon, so I think I might just buy it myself this month! Thanks for considering donating though, I really appreciate it. I’m getting better at coding lately and I think I should do some really good work soon, and with the old fantastic game files I think I might make a “Fantastic Game HD Remix” style thing for the original fantastic game to fix some stuff that bugs me before releasing a new game.


Some probable features in a ‘fantastic game HD remix’:

  • game saving
  • no ‘caps lock makes pressing respawn and other keys not work’ bug, lol
  • easier ways to get enough dollas to beat the game
  • possible additional content
  • mouse sensitivity & overall game volume settings
Hey, what's the name of the song that plays when you're on top of the Yellow Museum, when you get the dolla after standing in the QUITE TIME spot? Thanks.


What is the music in the blue hallway? The Waluigi hallway?

Waluigi Pinball slowed down with the program paulstretch